Strategy and Value Enhancement

SOAR Growth Strategies; Strategic planning; Strategic thinking; Growth strategies; Value enhancement strategies


Viability analyses; Developing turnaround plans; Profit improvement; 13-week cash flows and other projections; Negotiating with lenders and creditors; Selling or liquidating excess/unnecessary/under-performing assets; Refinancing debt; Sourcing of fresh equity.

Operational Improvement

Reducing costs; Improving productivity;  Growing sales and margins; Lean manufacturing; Supply chain management; Improving logistics; Improving organizational effectiveness, accountability, culture & morale; Improving Accounts Receivable and Inventory management; Improving quality; Improving customer satisfaction; Improving financial information, dashboards and decision making; Improving sales force effectiveness.


Bankruptcy strategy and planning; Bankruptcy forecasts and reporting; Developing and negotiating Plans of Reorganization; Claims and preference analysis and management; Chief Restructuring Officer and Interim Management services; Trustee services; Managing ยง363 sales and bankruptcy liquidations; Creditor Committee Advisory services.

Bankruptcy alternatives

Receiverships; Assignments for the benefit of creditors; Secured party or Article IX sales; Out-of-court workouts.

Acquisition Services

Deal sourcing; Deal negotiating; Deal financing; Management services; Exit strategies.

Director, Advisory Board and Interim Management services

Serving on statutory boards of directors; Serving on advisory boards; Helping set up boards and advisory boards; Interim Management.