About Us

The Parkland Group, Inc. was formed by Larry Goddard in 1989.

Trained as an accountant, Larry Goddard has spent more than 30 years helping under-performing businesses improve their performance profitability and value. During this time, Larry and the Parkland team have consulted to over 400 companies. Larry has been CEO, Chief Restructuring Officer or Trustee of more than 10 businesses.

Parkland has built an extensive team of consultants in multiple disciplines including strategy, growth, sales, marketing, manufacturing, performance enhancement, supply chain and talent management.

Larry and the Parkland team have developed many unique and highly effective tools and processes to rapidly enhance business performance, profitability and value, including the SOAR to Strategic Excellence™ suite of tools, which encompasses SOAR Growth Strategies™.

Parkland is affiliated with Paladin Acquisitions LLC, an entity focused on investing in underperforming or distressed businesses.

In 2012, Parkland’s operating business was merged into SS&G Parkland Consulting Services LLC, part of the Ohio accounting firm, SS&G Financial Services. In 2015, the operating business of SS&G Parkland was merged into BDO USA LLP, the fifth largest accounting and consulting firm in the world. In 2019, Parkland re-activated its management consulting business.